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by Anthony Bruno

Presented in collaboration with Brick Productions

AGLA Media Award

Jerry Clark, Tom Wagner and Steven Patterson

Directed by Rudy Garza, Set Design by Jimmy Cuomo, Lighting Design by John Sowle

with Jerry Clark, Steven Patterson and Tom Wagner

Opened October 25, 1987 at the Shepard Theatre Complex Stage Left; Hollywood, CA

"Deft, slightly different, frequently funny and ultimately touching."

--- Robert Windeler, KCRW

 "A big hit! ... High quality is to be expected from Kaliyuga Arts as earlier works attest. Like those, Soul Survivor is staged with skill and artistry ... Jimmy Cuomo's set, intricately and skillfully lighted by John Sowle, is exquisite, the best yet seen on this stage."

--- Polly Warfield, Drama-Logue

 "Hits the stage like a Fourth of July fire-works extravaganza ... A class act!"

--- David J. Depino, Compass

 "What a pleasant evening in the theater! ... Soul Survivor's production standards were far above those in most Los Angeles Equity-Waiver theaters, where budget restrictions are generally used to justify lesser work. Not so here."

--- Don L. Volk, Frontiers

 "If it's the only thing you do this year make sure it's to go to the Richmond Shepard Theatre and experience Anthony Bruno's Soul Survivor ... All three of the actors are terrific in their roles with the help of a very talented director and the pacing and styling of the show is of Broadway-hit quality."

--- Michael Bruno, Data-Boy

 "A barrage of emotion, often tear-wrenching, never morose, hilarious but never ridiculous ... A perfect blend of writing, direction, lighting (by John Sowle), and design (by Jimmy Cuomo). And ooooh, those steamy actors! ... Here is great theatre which just happens to be gay, relevant, exciting, alive and loving."

--- Robert Pruzan, Drummer Magazine

 "A great step in an essential new direction for art in the wake of the AIDS epidemic."

--- Tom Provenzano, L.A. Weekly

 "Open, honest, and non-preachy ... Good Gay theatre seems to be a much rarer commodity than it should be. Hopefully, both up-and-coming and seasoned gay actors/directors/playwrights will see this wonderful production to find out how it is done."

--- Jay Stanley, Directory News

Steven Patterson and Tom Wagner
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