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Contacting Kaliyuga Arts

Get on our mailing list

Send an e-mail from your preferred email address to anyone@kaliyuga.com and we'll add you to our e-mail lists so that you will receive notices regarding upcoming events.

Submit your resumé

If you are interested in working on or auditioning for one of our productions, you may either send your picture and resumé to the address below or you can submit online. Just attach your resumé document (in Word, WordPerfect or WordPro format) to an e-mail. Include a scanned headshot if possible.

Send us your comments, inquiries or reviews of our shows online

To reach John Sowle send mail to john@kaliyuga.com
To reach Steven Patterson send mail to steven@kaliyuga.com
For comments about our productions or about the web site, anyone@kaliyuga.com


Afraid we feel we're no longer capable of accepting submissions, in favor of self-generated material or commissions from playwrights with whom we have already established a relationship. Sorry. If your work is being produced, done in workshop, or read, please send us that information and we will attempt, whenever it is possible, to get out and see your work. Thanks.

You can write to us at:

Kaliyuga Arts
2678 Old Kings Road
Catskill, NY  12414

Or phone us at:


See you at the theater!

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