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L'HISTOIRE DE BABAR, le petit elephant

Story by Jean de Brunhoff, Music by Francis Poulenc

Bay Area Theater Critics Circle Award Nomination

[Solo Performance]

Steven Patterson in Babar


Directed and Designed by John Sowle, Puppets by Steven Patterson

with Steven Patterson and Melissa Smith, piano

Opened September 6, 1997 at the EXIT Theatre in San Francisco, CA as part of the 1997 SF Fringe Festival.

Performed again 1998 at EXIT Stage Left & the Emeryville Opera House in Emeryville, CA

"Pure unadulterated delight! There's nothing like Kaliyuga Arts' L'Histoire de Babar ... So far exceeds your expectations that you come out renewed and reinvigorated ... In John Sowle's luminously low-key production, Steven Patterson reads Jean de Brunhoff's children's classic in English, then, as pianist Melissa Smith plays Francis Poulenc's musical interpretation, performs it in French with the aid of a host of ever more inventive puppet and cut-out versions of Babar and his friends. The result is simply blissful."

--- Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Examiner

"A charming, bewitching, enchanting Babar! ... Sitting on a red velvet sofa on a tiny stage, Patterson illustrates the adventures of the little elephant with a dramatic flair. In the second half Patterson enchants his audience by narrating the story in excellent French, accompanied by Melissa Smith playing Poulenc's piece at the piano, as Patterson animates puppets and cardboard images of Babar and other characters ...Top honors!"

--- Annette Lust, West of Twin Peaks Observer

"Babar is one of the only shows I've seen where my internal critic actually shut off. I have a rather annoying little voice that picks apart everything I see, and never lets me fully enjoy anything. Except Babar. It was just such a pure, sweet, simple lullaby that my little voice took a well-deserved nap. Thank you for that. My god, I think I just wrote a piece of fan mail!"

--- John Warren, artistic director, Unconditional Theatre

"I'm still caught up in your performance magic."

--- Kathryn Trask, actress, Orinda, CA

Audience Comments from the San Francisco Fringe Festival Web Site

"Captivating even if you don't speak French. You can still follow the story. Charming even for the kids. Loved it."

"A fantastic and beautiful journey!"

"Entertaining, cute & funny. My 2 year old and 5 year old enjoyed it very much. They sat still, believe it or not."

"Outstanding actor and pianist. Excellent, energetic, passionate, sincere and honest."

"Lovely ... I wanted more! Funny, silly, captivating."

"Enchanting, magical journey so engagingly rendered and performed. A beloved story comes to life transcending expectations and delighting the imagination by giving it a form and a voice. Bravo."

"Charmant. Un traiche des enfants, fantastique."

"It was fantastic. Our 2 1/2 year old grandson was spellbound."

"An innovative and well-constructed piece for children and adults alike. The story, both in English and French, held the children captive. The set design and cut-outs were wonderfully presented and beautifully executed. A charming and delightful piece in keeping with what I have come to expect from Kaliyuga Arts and a Steve Patterson work."

"Delightfully whimsical! What 'Cats' should have been if it had stayed true to T.S. Eliot."

"10 stars. Pure magic. If this doesn't make Best of the Fringe it'll be a sin. I'd see it again and again."

"True Art. Thank you!"

"Magic. Beautiful, moving, incredibly imaginative. Steven Patterson and Kaliyuga Arts are Bay Area treasures."

"A vibrant, creative production. Inventive and exciting use of puppets and the space in general."

"C'est magnifique! Merci beaucoup! J'aime L'Histoire de parce que les histoires dans francais sont (qu'est ce que c'est 'rare'?) It was special, humorous at times and truly 'not to be missed.' Kaliyuga Arts and Steven Patterson soar again."


"I liked it because it was about ELEPHANTS."

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