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by Al Carmines and Gertrude Stein

Winner of 5 Drama-Logue Awards

[Production, Direction (John Sowle), Adaptation and Original Music (Al Carmines),

Set Design (John Sowle) & Costume Design (Anne Reghi)]

From left: Noëlle McGrath, Nancy Zala, Brian Fuqua and Steven Patterson

Directed and Designed by John Sowle; Costumes by Anne Reghi

with Martin Brother, Brian Fuqua, Kathryn Laird-Johnson, Noëlle McGrath, Peggy Oliveri, Carri Patterson, Steven Patterson, Stephen Schmidt, Tom Shelton and Nancy Zala

Opened April 3, 1986 at Olio; Los Angeles, CA

"Any attempt to interpret or pin down this enchanting excursion into the iridescent, fantastical world of Gertrude Stein would be to put a butterfly in a cage. In Circles is not to be explained, it is to be experienced -- and enjoyed. Wonder of wonders, this bright new company in this poetic musical theatrepiece by composer Al Carmines and its original director Lawrence Kornfeld, here expertly directed by John Sowle, captures the errant, antic Stein spirit and makes it visible and audible on stage ... A refreshment and renewal of the spirit."

--- Polly Warfield, Drama-Logue

 "A snappy delight ... A poetic pleasure of a play, and something rare: a work of true originality ... The work, directed with fluid frenzy by John Sowle, is squeezed into the tiny Olio Theatre at 3709 Sunset Blvd. with wonderful efficiency ... A top-notch night of cabaret entertainment."

--- Richard Labonte, Update

 "Superb! ... Director John Sowle is to be suspected of thievery, perhaps tapping the Metropolitan Opera Company for his cast. Rarely has so much talent been on stage at one time ... A memorable night of theatre."

--- Lynne Lee, The News

 "Seductively enchanting ... Director John Sowle and choreographer Jeff Moreland lead the cast through graceful, swanlike patterns, and Sowle has designed an arresting set based on two Picasso paintings; Anne Reghi has costumed the performers with colorful elegance and the actors themselves sing with powerful resonance."

--- Steven Mikulan, L.A. Weekly

 "Rich, scintillatingly harmonic and deftly haunting."

--- Robert Koehler, Los Angeles Times

"Inside a tiny theater in the Silverlake District of Los Angeles, something remarkable is happening ... A vitality filled evening that cannot help leaving a profound imprint on the audience ... It's funny, it's incomprehensible, it's beautiful, it's harsh, but it is, most of all, thoroughly engrossing and entertaining! ... Outstanding -- certainly more than worth the trip and the small price of the ticket!"

--- Nancy Illo, Daily Titan

From Left: Noëlle McGrath, Brian Fuqua, Steven Patterson, Kathryn Laird-Johnson, Carri Patterson, Nancy Zala and Peggy Oliveri
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