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Steven as Scrooge

In December, Steven appeared in A Christmas Carol at freeFall Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida. 
He played Scrooge in a new musical version of the Christmas classic. 
Read all about it on their website here

John in Horripilation!

John has been invited to present his solo show Horripilation! at the Times Square International Theater Festival in New York City for three performance in mid-January. 
Details here

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Steven's Recent Shows

Steven opened in Michelle Carter's How to Pray at Centenary Stage Company in Hackettstown, NJ on Friday, April 1.  He plays multiple roles including a 90 year old man, a 9 year old boy, a transsexual, a dog and a cat.  Some dandy reviews

Patterson, though, steals the show, having so much fun with his tour de force buffet of characters that you can't help but have fun watching him. He looks laughingly horrible in a black evening gown, but sings some credible Gershwin. And in nearly every costume, he manages to go over the top without undermining his character, a fine line he confidently walks like a Flying Wallenda.  -- William Westhoven, The Daily Record

More information at

Steven also appeared in the world premiere of The Cabbage Patch at the Depot Theatre in Westport, NY, which opened on  September 9.  More information at  In December he will be appearing as Scrooge in the freeFall Theatre production of A Chrismas Carol.

John at Stageworks/Hudson

John was recently appointed the Associate Artistic Director at Stageworks/Hudson in Hudson, NY.  He shared directing duties with Laura Margolis, the Artistic Director, for Play by Play - Shadows, this year's version of the annual new-works festival which opened on June  29.   He also designed sets and lights for their production of Ismail Khalidi's Tennis in Nablus which opened on September 7.  For information on Stageworks, go to


A Reading of True Love Lies at Stageworks/Hudson on Sunday, February 20


In 1997 Kaliyuga Arts presented the San Francisco premiere of Brad Fraser’s Poor Super Man in a multiple award-winning production. More than a decade later (and now living on the opposite coast), we received the manuscript of Fraser’s latest play, True Love Lies, which follows the further adventures, ten years down the line, of Poor Super Man’s main character, David McMillan. Still alone, still adrift, and entering his 50s, he has returned to the Toronto of an earlier Fraser play in which he appears, Unidentified Human Remains and the True Nature of Love, to open a new restaurant.  There he re-encounters Kane, with whom he once had a two-year relationship that did not end well. Kane is now married and he and his wife Carolyn have two kids – Madison, a brash and self-assured 20-year-old and Royce, a withdrawn, somewhat geeky teen-ager. Almost against their wills, these characters are drawn into one another’s orbits, old wounds are opened, old lies revealed, sparks fly, and they're forced to question everything they think they know about marriage, family, and love.  Do be warned – Brad Fraser’s reputation as the “Bad Boy of Canadian Theater” was honestly come by and this play is no exception. His plays are invariably controversial, on-the-edge, in-your-face. They’re also scabrously funny, brilliantly observed, and deeply moving.


On February 20, 2011 Kaliyuga Arts presented a reading of True Love Lies at Stageworks/Hudson for an invited audience. This gave us an opportunity to hear the play and to gage audience reaction in the hopes of presenting a full production here in the area at some point in the near future. The cast included Brian Petti, MaryEllen Petti, E.J. Marotta, Lauren Murphy, and Steven Patterson.  John Sowle directed. 


The reading took place at 3:00 pm at Stageworks/Hudson, 41 Cross Street, Hudson, NY.  For more information you can email


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